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Started by admin 2019-01-29 at 13:16
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Today we are pleased to announce that our website passed the first stage of adaptation in the market of PTC sites.

User ampayo23 from Venezuela has become 1000 member of our project.
He'll get 5,000 credits to run his ad.
I invite all who are interested in
the services of the website to join our service.
We understand that we can not yet You
offer more earnings(this applies to free users),
but there is an opportunity to earn
on account update.Any risk?Have!The site is new, old sites do not always pay,
so users do not risk
make investments.So we are forced to advertise on the site of different types of advertising.
Without this
do not survive if the site is unprofitable, it will simply cease to exist.
On behalf of all staff
I would like to take this opportunity,
to welcome you as new members.
We are glad that all of you are with us!

All the best,
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